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The student must complete a Drivers Education class. This is class training that we offer only thru our online class year-round. Our DMV approved teen online class consists of 22 chapters that must be completed to fullfill the DMV's requirement. There is no time limit on this online drivers ed class. No behind the wheel is required or legal at this point. When the student has completed the online class, they will be mailed the required certificate of completion for Drivers Education OL237 the same business day. If the teen has completed a drivers ed class elsewhere, please make sure that they have been issued a certificate of completion from that particular school.


Take the certificate of completion of Driver Education to your local DMV and the student (at least 15 1/2 years of age) will take a written exam for the permit. Don't forget the student's social secuity card and birth certificate. Fill out the DMV application form DL 44 which can be obtained at the DMV, or mailed with completion of driver training or enrollment into driver training certificate. The parents or legal guardians must sign this form. No copies are accepted @ DMV. The students thumb print, vision exam, and picture will be required and the DMV cost is $29 (subject to change). The DMV written exam consists of 46 questions. A passing score is at least 39 correct.

You may schedule the written permit test online at by using their Online Services, or you may call them at 800.777.0133. You can do a walk in for the permit test, but you must arrive before 430pm when the DMV is open.


The teen's permit is NOT VALID until after the first lesson with a driving school instructor. Driving with parent/adult before the first official lesson with driving school is illegal and may lead to fines and/or suspension by California Law. "The OL392 Certificate of Enrollment into Driver Training is no longer required by the DMV for a teen to obtain the permit. The OL392 became void by the DMV on September 1, 2010."


If you would like to have the Berkeley Driving School conduct your behind the wheel driver training lessons, go back to our main page and click on the tab SCHEDULE A 2-HOUR DRIVING LESSON (right above the Facebook icon)  The direct link is Our hourly rate is $65 and hour and we do 2-hour lessons at a time. $130 for each 2-hour private driving lesson and we arrive at your home or school when lesson starts. To book/reserve a single lesson, a $35 deposit will need to be paid by any valid credit card. You may pay the balance of $95 at the end of any lesson by cash check or charge


  • California law requires 6 hours with a driving school. (three 2-hour lessons)
  • The student must have the permit or at least 6 months before taking the road test. Permits are valid for 1 year.
  • Complete 50 hours of driving with a licensed adult at least 25yo while teen has their learners permit.
  • 10 of the 50 hours must be evening driving.
  • Complete/schedule the 1st lesson thru our online booking system- this 1st lesson validates the permit. See the DMV Limitations Form that came with the permit as an attached page.
  • Complete the 2nd two-hour lesson - scheduled at your preference
  • Complete the 3rd/Final two-hour lesson - Wise to schedule at the end of 6 months, closer to date of DMV road test
  • Obtain the Certificate of Completion for 6 hours - given at the final/3rd lesson in the car
  • Schedule your in-car Behind-the-Wheel road test at the DMV. Once this road test is passed, the CA Driver’s License will be issued to the applicant.


Schedule a DMV road test at your local DMV.

You must call them to schedule this at 800.777.0133 or schedule the road test online at thru their online services. Be sure to have the permit number in hand when scheduling this road test appointment. Make sure you bring your valid permit, the vehicles registration and insurance card and our certificate of completion of driver training. Once the DMV road test is passed - your California Drivers License will be issued. Be sure to read the DMV handbook for licensed teen restrictions.

Note/DMV States: If you are over 17 ½ but under 18 years of age, you may get your permit without the driver education class, but you will not be able to take the driving test until you turn 18 and after you have had the permit for at least 6 months. Once you are 17 1/2 with a permit, you may be able to operate a vehicle with a licensed adult before doing a lesson with a driving instructor. All teens under 18 will always be required to submit a certificate of completion for 6 hours of driver training to take the DMV road test to obtain a California drivers license.


  • Make sure horn, blinkers, brakelights, etc. are all working
  • Turn your cell off! If it rings, dont answer it - they will fail you.
  • Be familiar with your car: blinkers, emergency lights & brake, etc. They will test you.
  • Put on seatbelt before you turn the key for ignition.
  • DMV will not conduct test if you "Check engine" light is on.
  • Obey all traffic signals & signs.
  • At stop sign, make a complete stop. Count to 3 - avoid a rolling stop.
  • Make sure there are no large cracks in your windows-they will cancel test
  • Always give another car their right of way! Failure to do so is instant disqualification.
  • Avoid making maneuvers that will make the DMV tester grab the wheel such as:  making too wide of a turn, too sharp of a turn, not staying within lane, etc. This may disqualify you immediatley.
  • When entering a street, keep car within driveway. Do not hop curb
  • If it sprinkles or rains, turn your wipers & lights on right away.
  • Drive the exact posted speed limit. If you drive too slow, they will fail you. # 1 reason to fail.
  • On any lane changes, always use your blinker, glance into rear view mirror, side view mirror & briefly look over shoulder before changing lanes. This routine is vital to prevent disqualification.
  • The car must have both license plates and registration sticker.
  • Before you start the driving test - make sure the emergency brake is down first.
  • While DMV person is taking you on route, if a parked delivery type truck is in way on right lane: slow, signal L to get in left lane, cross safely, pass that parked truck, and then signal R and then safely get back into right lane! DMV has been failing students if you do not get back into right lane, which they consider the "test route". Do not stay in left lane after passing parked truck!
  • Never enter a Bus Zone - even when turning right!  They will fail you automatically.
  • Relax and do your best - nervousness can lead to mistakes.

The student must do at least 2 hours of driver training with an instructor prior to driving with a licensed adult. The permit is only valid after this 1st 2-hour lesson. While the student has their driving permit, it is illegal for the student to drive alone at any time. If the student is 17 1/2 years or older, the Drivers Ed and Drivers Training are no longer required to to obtain a permit or license.

This may be a little different from when you received your drivers license, and almost confusing—but if you have any questions feel free to call Annette. The best time to reach us is Monday thru Friday 10am to 4pm. If you get the voicemail, simply press #, leave a messege and we'll call you right back

Big Aloha and Drive Safely!