Driver Training—Behind the Wheel Lessons

To Book a driving lesson, simply go back to the main website page and click on the link right above the Facebook icon. The link states "Schedule a 2-Hour Driving Lesson". You can call the office at at 510.530.1938 if you have any questions. Press # to leave a message and we return all calls that come in up till 4pm on Weekdays. 

Our online appointment booking sysytem shows live & current openings. A $35 deposit must be made by a credit or debit card in order to book any single driving lesson. The balance can simply be paid when the instructor arrives by cash, check, or credit card. The link is

We offer driver training appointments throughout the East Bay seven days a week to those with a valid California drivers permit. Our automatic cars (no manual) are equipped with dual control brake systems. The cars are well-maintained and are also under the appropriate commercial insurance policies. All lessons are guaranteed to be PRIVATE. The cost is $65.00 an hour and lessons are 2 hours at a time. This includes free pick up and drop-off anywhere in the East Bay. The total for 6 hours would be $360 which may be paid 2 hours at a time (3 payments of $120 - 6 required for teens under 18yo). Upon completion of 6 hours, you will be issued the required DMV certificate in the car at the 3rd/Final lesson to take to the DMV to obtain your Drivers License after passing the road test. Lessons focus on all aspects of driving such as: turning, stopping, parking lot driving, street parking, intersections, lane changing, freeway driving, freeway exiting & entering, etc. Be sure to read "Advice from the Owner about Passing the DMV Road Test" on the DMV PROCEDURES link.

For Adult Driver Training, you may decide on how many lessons you will prefer. The instructor can give you an objective opinion while in the car with you on how many you may need. It is common that auto insurance companies will give a discount on your insurance rate if you have completed a 6 hour driver training course- 6 Hour DMV certificate issued in the car when 6 hours are completed.

Cancellations must be made 48 hours or before your scheduled time. The late cancellation fee is $35. This also applies if the student does not have their valid original permit in hand at the time of the lesson. Copies are not accepted - this is a regulation of the DMV.

Teen freeway lessons are only conducted with parental consent and only when the instructor has determined that it is safe to do so. If you need practice in specific areas of driving ~ please mention it when you make an appointment so we can inform the instructor.

We do not conduct driving lessons in the upper higher hills of Berkeley & Oakland. Only when it inviolves narrow winding roads and where cellphone reception is scarce. Reasons are: unsafe roads for a beginner driver, causes interference with our other appointments, lack of communication/GPS if instructor becomes lost. Wecan meet you on lower ground. Usual lower ground meeting places are: Starbucks on Solano, Whole Foods, Claremont Hotel.