Berkeley Driving School Overview

For more info Call 510.530.1938

Why Choose Berkeley Driving School?  For our new Teen Online Drivers Ed class, packets, info, and guidance
are more complete that other online classes. Beware of "certificate mills". There are many in California.
They are difficult to deal with. Go with a local school that you know.  Our in car driving lessons are
guaranteed to be private. Phone lines can be busy. All messages are a priority and all calls are returned
weekdays up till 4pm. Simply press # to leave a voicemail. You will always be speaking directly to the owner
- never various office workers that can lead to confusion. We are also a BBB Member, meaning funds and
services are handled with integrity. And, the Berkeley Driving Schools staff and instructors are
experienced, friendly, and are consistently handling all students and parents needs as a priority.

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